37 free tips, How to start a blog and best blog platform recommended(updated 2015)

37 tips How to start a blog and best blog platform recommended(2015).Essential tips and tools for new or beginners bloggers by Sherry M Wonder

How to create a blog for free? What are the essential tips for online bloggers and beginners.

Before i start i want to warn you that blogging is fun but it is not as easy if you want to blog for money. You will need to put in effort if you want to make money as a blogger or make good money as an affiliate marketer.

Please read below how to blog? Below are guides and tips for beginnger who want wish to have a blogger outreach. And if you want to know about other tips how to blog for practical reason- how to make money money online fast. It will be posted to subscribers who wish to learn more essential tips to make money as a successful bloggers and make money on the side.

What is the Law of attraction as a blogger- visualization as a blogger? How to succeed as an online blogging? How to make money online for free?

Hi this is Sherry.Thanks for reading this blog, I hope it will help new bloggers who want to survive as a blogger, And eventually may even want to move on to blogging for passive income or learn how to blog for  money.

How to get visible as a blogger? What is crm?what is Customer relationship management?Is it important? I will start with the basic as a beginner blogger guide .What is needed?

How to survive as a blogger? What are the steps to know to start blogging for free or for money? How to start blogging?

  • Choose an easy to use best blog platform that do not need programming knowledge or coding.  i would highly recommend wordpress especially the self hosted ones which comes with many free plugins or blogger which is won by google and you can easily use and blog for free .Those are some of the  best blog platform.
  • Which blogging platform to use?You can go for some free blogger platform example blogger.com, wordpress.com and (self hosted) wordpress.org. If you are starting out and do not want to spend much on blogging you may try out the free wordpress.com or blogger.com. If you intend to earn money online from your blog. you may want to choose the self hosted example wordpress.org  which you have control over it. Most web host package  comes with the self hosted wordpress.org as well.
  • I realise the importance of choosing a reliable webhosting account after trying out a couple of web hosting companies. i would highly recommend Hostgator for very low price hosting account (discount code: 25PCTOFFSALEWLS) or  Inmotion hosting for value webhosting , reliable and speed You can check out my discount coupon for web hosting deal on my sites or email me support@googlesniper3george.com for it.
  • Choose a unique name for your domain.com. you can sign up with a web hosting company altogether when signing up with for a webhosting account. Or you could register with a domain registrar.
  • Choose your interest.Share informative article. Firstly you must love blogging. airing opinion or providing helpful information.
  • Be consistent. One of the effective way of blogging is to stay to your schedule of blogging. if you do tell them you will write every 2 weeks try to do that.you will see in  no time you reach out to a strong following like watch ing video or regular tv programs. I know sometimes is just tough and you run out of ideas. I will update in my subsequent articles what other ways you can add value to your readers. Or you could simply write to me as a subscribers. we could share that once our newsletter is out. great tips to coming with ideas or copy writing outsource.I prefer to write leisurely. not even bother about seo and stuff at times.
  • Remember if you want to an online blogger you and a build a great following as a blogger. Other then creating great article on blogging .Search engine tracks consistency with your posting of blog , i writing something to feed your followers.
  • Stay focus.Write in relevancy to your blog?Focus on laser writing?There are 2 conflict with the current changes to satisfied client and search engine.If you are writing a blog on travel. yo may like to stay focus on this topic until you run out of it.
  • Or write diverse topic but related topic with related industry.Example if you write about travel. You may write about not just travel but also can write about related to the travel industry to help the client or reader.
  • Building a list of your readers. we know that money is on the list. A.You may want to work on free autoresponder that your webhost provide but it may not come with the sufficient feature as compare to the paid version. B.Example a 3rd party one like get response or aweber which charges you monthly e.g. 15 usd for 500 to 1000 subscribers or C.your own ones like rapid mailer which you can have fully control. do see the video of rapid mailer click here.
  • You may want to consider allow comments. This will allow readers to add more live and juice to your content. Some may event invite people of same interest to write on their blogs and also inturn review other bloggers blog to increase link juice and receive backlinks. It will be great if you have site of a higher Page rank linking to your blogs that will inturn improve your traffic and site visibility.
  • If you live and eat as a blogger for an own interest.  You may not earn much money as compare to successful affiliate marketer. But you can still earn decent money from selling your traffic. By selling advertisement space or Pay per click (PPC). And definitely you will  be able to feed your interest and following. You may watch this affiliate marketer sales video to find out more on his proof of making online earnings.
  • Be friendly and likeable. We all have opinions and view. I don’t see that being a problem but we do get busy and did not listen to our members.
  • Stay connected with your readers. You could add them in the email list . Or include a chat if you are available all the time. i may not. Communicate and stay connected with your following and members.
  • you may not be able to get yourself visible without search engine optimization(seo) using those free weblog or blogs.
  • Add chat box . It will add live to your followers. Most bloggers may not blog everyday. but as and when. This options is really for the active daily bloggers. You could even just by adding your social media chat or Skype on the blog.
  • Do have virus and spam protect software on your site.


How to start best online money making sites


  • Find a experience mentor that teach you on search engine optimise (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM) social marketing if you want to have more visibility.I found one that teach me about on page seo and off page seo. email me if you need to find out more. support@googlesniper3george.com
  • Embrace social media networks and tools.share with friends on your new blog and interest.
  • Remember to ping your site to let search engine find you.
  • Remember to include site map in your blog or sites. I would recommend that you have your own website and blog rather then using other.
  • Submit to other blogs or directories if you like.
  • what is crm?what is Customer relationship management?Do you need to know? it depends how you look at this. this is a new way of reaching out to your subscribers.blogger outreach? I will write about this some time later.
  • Link building? What is link building? this is one of the ways you could gain free traffic to your sites. Example would be by contributing articles to higher rank site of the same interests.We would highly recommend using white hat technique rather then black or even grey hat tricks which is fast but you get penalise but google and search engine after that.
  • Brand building.How to promote your brand? By creating a logo may help in imprinting a brand in your readers brain.Spending money on advertisements.Many bloggers are uncomfortable spending money on ads. Building a brand is a long and consistent effort.
  • Incorporate media that will help reader to have better understanding of your content. This will improve readers experience. Do ensure is light and no too heavy on your site.
  • Content marketing. Write content for readers.Write informative helpful insights and keep it easy to read.Write blog that is useful to readers.Write something that is social engaging.
  • Write an interesting blog.For readers to follow .
  • Fullfil a demand.Write something that the readers want. example if they want an advise on
  • Write content for SEO . Write content can traffic organic traffic to your sites. You will find out to strike a balance with google sniper 3.0 by george montgau brown.
  • Re schedule and redraft if needed for both readers experience and seo search engine optimsation.write a draft of your content and rewrite seo.
  • Deploying SEO or SEM on you blog. What is SEO or SEM?search engine optimization or marketing?How to get your blog visible? You could deploy SEO techniques or even SEM. Search engine marketing (SEM) is per wiki is a way of promoting your websites to attract search engine visibility on search engine result pages (SERP).You could deploy SEO by optimizing your contents. Or SEM by advertising on search engine like google, yahoo or bing.Or by Social networking sites creating niche interest pages.
  • Tracking your marketing campaign effort.You will need to deploy some tracking so that to know what is converting and what is not? what is your reader interested and where is the traffic coming from?(this is especially true for those who is interested in making online earnings )There is many free plugin especially for self hosted wordpress. ie. wordpress.org
  • How many words to write for your blog ? should it be wordy should it be 500 words to 700 words or should it be 800 to 1500 words? it all depends on the product and topic you are covering.
  • Choose your angle of your topic.Should you embrace point form or story telling. I feel its again subjective. But i do feel its important to cater for your reader for easy reading and for search engine.
  • Write content for your reader.write interesting topic that would help your reader benefits. So that they will stay and come back when they need more information.
  • How to increase website traffic? I will focus on this topic on later date as it is a totally and huge topic to write on.
  • Some bloggers want to have a strong following they would do list building meaning to collect email of followers and send them newsletters.
  • If you wish to find out more about blogging or want to subscribe to newsletter let me know. Email me to subscribe to newsletter.Support@googlesniper3george.com


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