How to blog for money? Fast and essential way by sherry wonder

How to blog for money? Money making ideas from home? How to earn money online with online money making sites? By sherry wonder

  1. You can blog for money by writing a blog an earn from pay per click with Google Adsense.
  2. You may make money online fast and easy as a blogger by selling advertisement space with your own blog. You can write something of your interest or be a E product reviewer.
  3. Be a affiliate marketer with various legit network. Earn passive income with them and you will find many ideas as you go thru the product. You may make money from blogging from many available affiliate networks. i recommend that you use Clickbank as a starter. They are an legit affiliate network and have paid out billions of dollars to more then 100,000 members. its easier to start as an affiliate marketer and be accepted.What is clickbank? you will find out more next time i will write something about clickbank and clickbank university.Stay tune as i will write about fast way to make money online on my subsequent post.
  4. After writing you may find that no one see your blog and if any one really do and care? can they see it in the first place? i had this problem problem when i was totally new to blogging and seo.
  5. How to increase traffic to your website or blog? Traffic equal visitors. visitors equal money. traffic equal good seo techniques. Now how to get free traffic without paying especially if you are just a blogger?How to get get visibility with search engine ? is your blog seo friendly? find out more from google sniper 3,0 and traffic ultimatum or the google sniper elite upgrade.
  6. What is crm?what is Customer relationship management?This is a strategy that business owner use to deepen their relationship with their client and know their client. It focus on solving client need and interacting with the client needs.
  7. Are you using listing building to target and enlarge your client base?this is to collect client data base and update the client when there is valuable content and update the want to focus on white hat link building only. so that you get quality link building.
  8. Create content?Content marketing have been endorse as one the most important aspect to online business, seo, bloggers and to search engine and SEO.
  9. Best blog platform to use. i would highly recommend as the best blog platform available. its easy to use . you do not need to know much coding. Google loves wordpress. It comes with tons of free plugin to assist in your blogging need. From caching to security scans to block spamming to analysis tools to help track visitors.
  10. Content management tools. I would recommend stick to word press and uses static ones over dynamic one if its a blog or review blog. If you are a seller or reseller with an ecommerce site perhaps a dynamic will suit your needs.
  11. Go as light as possible for choosing plugin and establish ones. As speed is one of the consideration for both user experience and search engine consideration.The problem with many free plugin is that it is not coded well at times it may slower down your site performance. But after saying all these. I still use fairly much free plugin for simple process.
  12. Search engine optimisation. do you know SEO? I’m as dumb on this when i first started. I find google sniper 3.0 by George montgau brown 104 page manual and sniper x training , bullet proof modules is very useful both for bloggers, affiliate marketing or beyond affiliate marketing to  online business owner who wants to improve their basic SEO understanding. It serve to help give a no bullshit good foundation to all students.
  13. Did you use social media tools for your readers to share information? I personally social media tools are good for networking and sharing ideas and making friends contacts. How on earth ha it got to do blogging for money? And make legit ways to make money online fast? you will find out more if you are in the program of sniper cash machine.You will learn free tips without paying with sniper cash machine.
  14. How to get rank on top of the first page of google? this one you will focus on getting visible. How to get organic traffic to your online earning site without spending money on paid advertisement. business owner spent a lot of money on adsense and paid advertisement. That is how search engine survive for a reason. Google earn 39 billion dollar a year at the least performing years. Imagine this huge amount of money spend. You will learn all the free technique without paying search engine with google sniper 3.0.
  15. If you want to be profitable blogger with so much competition . The google sniper program will teach you again on how to target profitable niches. The program seek to give you free shared among members low cost business ideas and niche business probably got to stay on as a member to enjoy this privileges this may be a pro and con of the program.
  16. How to earn money online without investment? When you have a full-time job? Can you blog for a living and become  earn a full-time income? yes you can but not many succeed. For me other then blogging i searh for good mentor that focus on researching up to date SEO techniques. I would highly recommend google sniper 3.0.If you did not stay on long enough on the program you can still learn from the program. but the downside you will be out of the circle of what is the in and out thing of search engine optimzation, contant changes of google updates.
  17. Geo target marketing. You may want to focus in your local searches.
  18. Create converting images. This is to have more conversion.
  19. Joining social network to share your blog.To target your audience niche business ideas group.
  20. colour that convert is important. if you follow psychology perspective
  21. Know your audience. before you write your blog you may want to choose your angle of attraction.
  22. on page SEO. you may need to have analysis on your blog. work on your meta tag , title and description.
  23. Placement of advertisement and email sign up is important. This is one of the thing blogger continue to experiment from time to time.Allow comments is another way to let the blog go alive. Just becareful of automated spamming and virus.
  24. Do have virus and spam protect software on your site.





Conclusion as a blogger and  paying tribute to google sniper 3.0 . This is my review

I know i have written a lot about blogging for money , fast and practical ways to make money as a blogger. So i would have included all the tips and tricks i find it is essential.It may differ from google sniper 3.0 which i highly endorse so that you wouldn’t get lost and waste your effort and time blogging.It cut short the learning curve you have and goes down to the basic.

Google sniper 3.0 by george brown is different. He focus on niche business ideas, low cost business ideas, growing organic free traffic. he does believe in building huge gigantic site and tine consuming effort to maintain it.

What i wrote on the above will focus on different areas to look at which may not be in google sniper 3.0. I hope you would find it useful. it serve to make it easy and practical knowledge as a blogger.I start writing this simply i start to have many new blogger asking how did i succeed before and after using seo. or simply how to be a blogger. since there is quite a few request. I dedicate this to all my following.


  1. I would certainly take advantage of google sniper 3.0 at $47 dollars which is a steal and if you decided to follow up on the elite upgrade is your choice. I know i have written a lot of information how to blog? how to blog for money? But google sniper 3.0 by george montgau brown the teen entrepreneurs course is a foundation for new and experience blogger.
  2. He believe by using his cash generators system. you could set up a site in 2 hours and start making money . And he gives you a free bonus that you do not need to set up any site and start making money within 24 hours. 
  3. The system do work and his previous program google sniper 2.0. its was at least 3 years old. its a bit out dated but 100,000 student have use it.
  4. this system is worth it in my opinion at least 1000 usd. With the continuous bi weekly webinar which you can communicate with them. And updates of new useful secrets that is monetize your online money making sites. The upgrades course is worth even more . Not forgetting you are making money on auto pilot after that.


  1. The system help those who want to get more visibility on the search engine. If you miss you his technique you may get ban by the search engine.
  2. It will require you to follow his system to the T. At least for the main core manual and the core sniper x training.
  3. Time to run thru the system is needed and the good thing is you get to download the manual, the cons is you need to thoroughly go thru the system at least once or that you absorb the 104 page well. I diid it in 4.5 days.
  4. The elite upgrade it going to cost you more instead of the basic 47 dollar. Its your choice like i say again. this one tend to sharpen more your technique with his team.

A bit of history of me

I was blogging and an online writer. After joining this program i also become an full time online reviewer of products. This system just teaches me how to best blog platform for SEO that modern search engine likes and survive thru time. He will also give you his legit ways to make money online, i call it cash generators online secrets from George Brown.He literally make it on auto pilot with his program.

Do tweet me os a form of support on facebook to your friends if you find it useful. Of course you can get my updates and support thru the course or my own experience. You can get it from me as well if you sign up as my subscribers at

You could attention to sherry or alice. This system really help me and since you spent so much time reading this.It your turn.

i literally add additional 500 usd per month on my first sitesfollowing his system excluding my other blog sites.I start making some on the first month and consistently make after the first 6 months base on his idea of mini sites.Base on his system and logic if you are discipline to do 20 to 50 sites. 1 sites for 2 hrs.  we  are suppose to make money online full time.I did it to support my blog visibility for a start and insearch some fast ways to make money online.

I will update on more updates and send updates on promote or helpful insights how to survive as a blogger without for free or for a living. I love blogging. But we have to be practical and yet not practical sometimes!Awesome ! thanks for reading! Do click on likes or share with your friends.Your effort is appreciated!



hi sherry here. Thanks visiting my sites. Im online reviewer. Im very happy to share my experience about new google sniper 3.0 and google sniper 2.0 by george brown, the millionaires next door. He is so young and so brilliant. He teaches us how to scratch the surface of the how to make online earnings and . We have very glad that now i have a legit work from home jobs . And you can too!

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