Build My List By Jimmy Kim-My Review, Scam and download

Build My list By Jimmy Kim my review, scam alert and Bonus

Product Label: Build My List
Founder: Jimmy Kim
Launch Date: May 11th
Price: 49 USD front end and 2 upsells of 98 & 97 USD (1 inner circle and 1 COPY & PASTE 25k case studies)

The Verdict: Highly recommended!

Free Bonus
Pre Launch – Access your free book here “Money is in the list”

Build My list By Jimmy Kim- product review

It is a repeated saying in the internet marketing scene-The money is in the email list. Why is that so? Is it true?

The fact is that Big time high income internet marketers or entrepreneurs all boost to have a huge list.And some believe is not how big your email list is. But how effective are you in email marketing.

The life time value of the email list -clients
If you believe in the lifetime value of a client you may start thinking do you have a list and have you been successfully building a email list with your newsletter and opt in.

Do you know what it takes to build credibility with your clients. Do you believe in the over delivering for your clients?

The surprised Launch of Build my list by Jimmy Kim
Im surprise That Jimmy Kim is launching its new program called- Build My list with Jimmy Kim.And it still works and works dam well!

There have been many marketers offering similar programs and all i have to say its that these is going to be a huge launch and the real deal!

A little history of Jimmy Kim
Who is Jimmy Kim?

Jimmy Kim of Build My list

Jimmy KIm Build My List

He is the main man who have kept very low profile but have made himself 50 millions in sales for 5 years . Nothing fanciful but think out of the box traffic generation secrets and traditional email marketing.

Now he is the co-owner and ceo of sendlane, the auto responder company that is build for internet marketers and entrepreneurs.He plow his money with his partner of quarter million dollars to build his email marketing empire.

But how did he do it?
He start off as a top car dealers in GM. After leaving GM, he help his friend anik singal in his business in management. As that was his forte back then.And in return for teaching him internet marketing the well known inbox blue print and profit academy.

Build my list is a steal compare to the 2 predessor program in terms of value. its a small percentage of what you had to fork out as a student at the 2 other courses.

Is it suitable for everyone?
Build my list by jimmy kim teaches 5 simple steps that he crystalise to teach student who wants to build or start a successful online business.

I have to say it will take you in understand the importance of the client list and the value of the list.
This program is only suitable for the serious entrepreneurs and internet marketers wanabe.

Below is the list of front end product of build my list by jimmy kim.

Module #1: List Secrets
Module #2: The Profit Machine
Module #3: Max Commissions
Module #4: Business Wizard
Module #5: Instant Traffic Triggers

3 FREE Months of the SendLane auto responder
So you don’t have to buy a auto responder from other providers like Aweber or Get response.
The beauty of this auto responder service given by this program is a bargain.

It is simple to use and it is structure for marketers. It has a simple lay out and a detail flow chart that you can plan your email marketing.

Free “Point and Click” Landing Page builder
This is build for marketers they have this is up knowing what converts and what not. in face thru the live interview he mention this were some of their best high conversion landing pages they use.

DAILY Power Calls
This is a 60 day program and it a daily exercise. This new technique use to hype up the students for 15 to 30 mins. And ensure the students of Build my list stay focus and on the right track.

Build my list white label book

There is a white label e book of build my list given to students for them to rebrand and resell after they graduated from the system. The students get to keep 100 percent of the profits

My summary

Jimmy Kim founder of Build my list. In the interview mention that he will teach all about email marketing that works. He will also share what niches to go into. The best of all , many experience marketers were so hyped up was about the fact how did he raised so many verified email list in his previous campaign ? 260,000 email list in one campaign? He mention he uses un conventional way of email marketing and traffic generation. It is not Facebook marketing or ppc. He like to look at things like a business and is very experience in experimenting different traffic sources and campaign.

He uses various unknown source of free and paid traffic generation techniques to scale up his bussiness. This will be taught in this program.

My verdict: Its a steal Build my list by jimmy kim.

build my list by jimmy kim,instant access

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